Advertising of medicines and medical devices

Advertising of medicines and medical devices

Advertising is one of the most common types of information that we encounter in life.  Today, advertising is a prerequisite for the sale of goods and an important tool for competition in a market economy.  Medicines (PM) and medical devices (MI) are a special type of product that is directly related to human health.  One of the measures aimed at preventing consumers from providing inaccurate or incomplete information on drugs and MIs entering the Kazakhstan market is the legal regulation of advertising of drugs and MIs by the state.

Advertising is carried out after evaluating the advertising materials by an expert organization for compliance with the order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated February 27, 2015 No. 105 “On approval of the Rules for the Advertising of Medicines and Medical Products” (as amended on April 22, 2019) in the field of advertising  Conclusions on the compliance of advertising with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Advertising of medicines and medical products includes information distributed and posted in any form, by any means, intended for an indefinite number of people, containing individual information or a collection of information about medicines and medical products, contributing to their promotion and implementation.

Distribution and advertising of medicines and medical devices is allowed in periodicals, other media and in healthcare organizations.

Evaluation of advertising for compliance is carried out by the expert organization on the basis of the application, in accordance with the contract concluded between the applicant and the expert organization.

After accepting and registering the application, the expert organization within 20 working days checks the completeness and reliability of the documents submitted.

The result of advertising evaluation is formalized by an act of expert evaluation of advertising materials.  On the basis of the act of expert evaluation of advertising materials, the applicant is issued a conclusion by an expert organization or a reasoned refusal in writing.

Based on the results of the evaluation of advertising materials, the expert organization returns to the applicant advertising information in the state and Russian languages (module, article, storyboard for video ads, advertising text for audio ads) on paper with the stamp of the expert organization “Assessment of compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan,” indicating the number and  the date of the expert assessment report and the signature of the person who evaluated the advertising materials.

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