Medical translation in Kazakhstan

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Medical translation in Kazakhstan

Professional linguistic support for the medical and pharmaceutical business

The service is provided by native speakers or professional translators. A glossary and termbase is created for each client, which ensures the use of consistent terminology. When translating, proofreading and formatting are performed by default, which ensures the translation quality

Languages translated:

Medical translation is characterized by such features as specialized medical terminology and medical acronyms and abbreviations

  • English

  • Russian

  • Kazakh

  • Languages of the CIS countries

Self-translation problems:

Complex document format

Difficulties arising from ignorance of acronyms and abbreviations

Misunderstanding of the original text and painstaking work with dictionaries and reference books

The procedure may take a long time

Advantages of translation with the MedExpert company:

You save time, and therefore money

We have a team of translators specializing in different areas of regulatory activity

Safekeeping of documents up to 7 years

We guarantee confidentiality

We guarantee full and highly qualified support,
keeping deadlines and high-quality translation

List of services:

Written translation


Text editing and proofreading


Renting equipment for simultaneous translation

Remote simultaneous translation platform

Translation stages:

  1. Document evaluation

  2. Calculation

  3. Approval
    of cost and deadlines

  4. Translation

  5. Editing

  6. Proofreading

  7. Formatting

  8. Checking by a personal manager
    assigned to each company

  9. Receiving
    the finished document

The final cost and deadlines of translation are calculated at your request

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Questions and Answers

1. How is the document calculated?

2. Are illustrations, images and graphics included in the calculation of a document?